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Foreign Technology Division




Team of researchers, engineers, physicists, astronomers and astrophysicists, cyber experts, biologists and exobiologists and more other specialists anslyzing each foreign object or subject -living or not living-, from other countries or planets. Spaceships, asteroids, exobiological materials and more.


Do you think you have come in contact with, or have found, biological -and not- material from space, or from nature of unknown origin?

We are also here to shed light on these phenomena.

1. Don't touch the object with your bare hands, as it could have radioactivity;

2. If the find is really interesting, many people will be looking for it: do not let anyone cheat you, do not sell it for any amount of money and do not give it to strangers;

3. It's possible that individuals wearing all black, with a threatening appearance, may ask you to hand over your find to them; do not do so for any reason, but notify us via the Special Intervention Request section at: Special Intervention, providing as many details as possible to enter.

Thank you for collaboration.

FTD - Foreign Technology Division

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