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Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Undiscovered treatment options for Covid-19, halting Coronavirus replication.

One treatment option for Covid-19 may be represented by Tenovin-1 and Tenovin-6 (a little more toxic than Tenovin-1). It's a powerful SIRT1 inhibitor and p53 protein activator. Tenovin it's a class of small molecules, which could regulate ACE2 expression, mTOR and HIF signaling, acting like a lysosomotropic agent, like Chloroquine and Hydroxichloroquine, but much more effective against Covid-19 replication.

Coronavirus, as self-defense method, degrades p53 protein, moreover upregolates SIRT1, that it's a proviral for this virus, like for Mers virus and HIV, also other viruses that had some thing in common with Covid-19. In HIV, SIRT1 it's used to recycle Tat protein, which binding with Tar, to allow the continous prolongation of DNA transcription.

SIRT1 inhibition is the key to stop Covid-19 replication. P53 does the rest.

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