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Visit on nttr (Nevada Test and Training Range)

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Have you always wanted to get a closer look at NTTR's most attractive spots?

Would you like to observe the flight mock-ups performed during the Red Flag and to talk with the finest pilots of all NATO countries?

Have you always wondered what's at Yucca Airstrip? Well, first of all, the Lockheed Martin AOR (Aerial Operations Facility - Area of Responsibility) and drone area, along with the area dedicated to experimental aircraft.

Lockheed Martin AOR (Aerial Operations Facility)
Yucca Airstrip - Lockheed Martin AOR

What DYCOMS (Dynamic Coherent Measurement System) radar building looks like?

We can get you closer than you think to discovering the most striking details of this area.

Book an appointment with us and you won't be left disappointed, whatever your request or expectation.

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